New initiative

European Lean Discussion Group

This is a new international platform for dairy owners and managers, where we can exchange knowledge and challenge each other to be the top performers in our industry.

First meeting 11-13 June 2017 in Sweden

You can join this first meeting without commitment for the future.

The main focus for this meeting is:

“Lean on Dairy farms”

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 Main subjects for the meeting

  • How can Lean give more efficiency to the dairy farms?
  • Leadership, staff motivation and good communication with the Lean tools.
  • Benchmarking of the KPI´s and
  • Standard procedures (SOP) and logical work planning
  • Visit on a factory, a crop grower and a dairy farm.
  • Culture and a lot of time networking with colleagues

Preliminary program

Sunday 11th June

Monday 12th June

Tuesday 13th June

Wednesday 14th June

Morning Company visit on Splendor Plant; a garden center.

They have worked with Lean for some years starting with the tools Lean-5S and Standardised Work. They were pilot-company in Lean Lantbruk. A lot of foreign seasonal workers.

Goals for the visit: To be inspired by another industry in the green sector.

Company visit at Arkitektkopia; Inspiration from an industrial company.
We walk the floor – Gamba Walk – to learn about how they use the Lean tools and the Lean thinking.Goals for the visit: To be inspired by how Lean is implemented in other industries.
Afternoon Arrival Company visit on Milk production site by Anders Nilsson, Skråmered
He is an accomplished Lean Leader and work with the coaching leadership and makes a point of engaging the whole staff in the continuous improvement work on the farm.Goals for the visit: To be inspired and learn from a farmer, who has worked with Lean for a couple of years.
Classroom session lead by Susanne Pejstrup, Lean Farming:

Take home message:
What do you take home from the visits?

Next meeting?
Where, when and what?

Grouping in farmers and advisors?

Goals for the session: We want to improve the next event and the attendees should get a basis of decision whether they want to join the group from now on.




Get together-event

– Presentation of the attendees
– Lean introduction with Lean games.

Goals for the session: To know each other, to listen to the expectations and to get into the Lean-mode


Benchmarking of main KPI´s
Classroom session lead by Phil Cooper, The Farm Consultancy GroupGoals for the session: The Attendees present their physical and financial results on a pence/euro cent basis so that we can compare costs of production and learn from each other, identifying strengths and opportunities to improve.  This will remain a confidential session and figures will not be shared outside the group.
Take home message:
What do you take home from the visits?Next meeting?
Where, when and what?
Cultural eventGoals for the event: Get to know each other better


Susanne_PejstrupManagement consultant CEO Susanne Pejstrup

Lean Farming®
Phone +45 3026 1500

Management Consultant Phil Coopers

The Farm Consultancy Group
Phone +44 7798 673665

Registration and price

  1. Please fill in this registration form and send it to Susanne Pejstrup by mail: before May 8th  Download Registration Form in PDF
  2. We will then send you an invoice for meting costs, hotels,meals, and car rental in Sweden on 650 €. There is an extra charge for single room on 125 €.
  3. You must pay this invoice before you can be registered as attendee. The deadline is May 16th. After that date, we will finally book hotels, meals and more, so there will be no refund for your cancellation.
  4. You will then receive a receipt mail and we will contact you about benchmarking figures. Farmers and managers will be asked to fill in a form with essential production and economic figures for benchmarking in the group.
  5. Please be sure you book your trip individually: Flight for Copenhagen Airport and from there train to Malmoe. If you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask Susanne: or mobile +45 3026 1500.