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We offer groups in both Danish and English. Sharing experiences and discussing with others working with Lean, logistics and management in agriculture provides value for everyone.

International Lean Farming Discussion Group

An international discussion group focusing on Lean in agriculture. Do you want to be inspired by colleagues abroad?

We do a study trip a year and have online meetings 2-3 times a year, which are free to attend. We speak English in the group.

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Focus group Lean Leadership

This is a group for agricultural leaders. There are people from several different professions such as pig production, milk production and crop production.

We start another round after the summer holidays. You may well come along!

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Professional forum for forest- and crop producers

The group focuses on the knowledge and experience that lies between the forest and crop produceres.

There are eight in the group at present. but the group is open to more participants.

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Training with Juan Quezada

We have Juan Quezada from Milk Source, US in Denmark on a regular basis. Notify if you want his visit. He can train your employees in the barn and provide sparring on handling both cows and management of employees.

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Dairy Network

An open network for farm managers and owners of dairy farming abroad. We meet once a year when we visit a farm abroad, do benchmarking and the participants give each other sparring about the challenges they have. The next meeting is not currently scheduled.

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Managers Study Tour

We want to inspire and take the initiative for managers to improve their skills regarding leadership and management of large farms around the world. We make designed course courses for 6-12 people. We have been in the US with themes such as barn design and leadership.

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