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We will hold the next online meeting of the International Lean Farming Discussion Group on Thursday, August 13, 2020 at. 14:00 – 15:00 CEST. You are welcome and it is free to join. You send me an email at and I will send you a link to the meeting. Tell me your name, profession (farmer, advisor or other), your farm name / company name and which country you come from.

Hear How We Saved Thousands of Dollars Using Lean!

Manager Andrew Weber, Drumgoon Dairy, South Dakota will tell at the meeting what they have done and what results they have achieved. The farm has 4500 cows and 50 employees.

Advisors Sara Barber and Dan Bakker from Foundation Livestock Service  introduced Lean to the farm less than a year ago. It has produced some absolutely amazing results that we will hear about. It will certainly be exciting and inspiring.

Andrew Weber attended a workshop that I did in South Dakota in February 2020. It was quite clear that he was dedicated to Lean. the owners of Drumgoon Dairy and several others in management also attended the workshop, so it was clear that there was complete support.

Andrew Weber demonstrate how he does the Kaizen meetings in a Lean Farming workshop
Andrew Weber demonstrates how he makes Kaizen meetings. It happened at a workshop Lean Farming did in collaboration with the Foundation Livestock Service in South Dakota February 2020
The owners of Drumgooon Dairy Rodney and Dorothy Elliot tell how they work with sustainability on the farm

What is International Lean Farming Discussion Group?

We are a group of dairy farmers and agricultural advisors interested in Lean Management.

We meet online sometimes a year when we hear a farmer or advisor tell and we exchange experiences and ask each other questions. Attending the online meetings is free.

Once a year we arrange a 2.5 day study trip to a country in Europe. Here we can train Lean Management at a workshop on farms, visit companies and discuss with each other. You can read about the next trip here.

The group is organised by Susanne Pejstrup, Lean Farming® and Phil Cooper, The Farm Consultancy Group

Lean Farming online

We use Microsoft Teams for our meetings. It is important that we have a direct dialogue with the participants during the meeting, so that is not the form the webinar usually has.

You will receive a link from us and if you have not tried it before, we will be happy to help. Then we recommend that we try it out a few days before the meeting. You just write that in the mail.

Here’s how to attend the online meeting

Send an email to, and I’ll send you a link to the meeting.

Tell me your name, profession (farmer, advisor or other), your farm name / company name and which country you come from.

You may send the e-mail well in advance of the meeting and no later than Wednesday the 13th of May