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We will hold the next online meeting of the International Lean Farming Discussion Group on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, at 14:00 – 15:30 CET (Central European Time). You are welcome and it is free to attend.

Lean Farming workshop where employees create competence boards and education plans

How to motivate your team to adopt Lean, how to get buy-in?

How to understand what motivates your team members? How to keep the team motivated to keep going with Lean once you have made the initial changes and how to find new areas to implement Lean?

What we did and how it worked

Manager Louise Kool and team leader Caroline Ravnshoej will talk about their experiences. They both work at the Dairy production Andekaergaard in Denmark. The farm has 1400 jersey cows and are led by Rik Kool and owned by an investor

The work force on the farm is both Danish and Ukraine people. The organisation is team organized and there are 5 teams: Two milking teams, a calf’s team, a feeding team, and a herd team. Caroline is team leader at the calf’s team.

They have started using visible goal management with sprints of the 3 months. It will be introduced in all teams in the near future. You can hear about their experiences.

Lean Farming

Registration for the meeting

The meeting is free. When you register, you will also be part of the group and will receive information about future events. You can always unsubscribe again.

What is the International Lean Farming Discussion Group?

We are a group of dairy farmers and agricultural consultants interested in Lean Management.

We meet online a few times a year where we hear a farmer or advisor tell and we exchange experiences and ask each other questions. It is free to attend online meetings.

Once a year we arrange a 2.5-day study trip to a country in Europe. Here we can train Lean Management in workshops on farms, visit companies and discuss with each other. You can read about the next trip here

The group is organized by Susanne Pejstrup, Lean Farming®, and Phil Cooper, The Farm Consultancy Group

Lean Farming online

We use Zoom for our meetings. It is important that we have a direct dialogue with the participants during the meeting, so this is not the form that webinars usually have.

You will receive a link from us and if you have not tried it before, we will be happy to help.

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