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We will hold the next online meeting of the International Lean Farming Discussion Group on Tuesday August 24, 2021 at 14:00 – 15:30 CET (Central European Time). You are welcome and it is free to attend.

Breno Rodrigues, Brazil is Lean Farming Business Parter
Breno Rodriguis
Susanne Pejstrup and Breno Rodriguis

Improving the Lean implementation model

M. Sc. Breno Rodriguis, Flyde Consulting, Brazil will tell us about how he made a case study on a farm in Brazil in connection with his master’s thesis: Suggestions for improvements in service by implementing the Lean philosophy in agriculture.

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Visual management by Breno Rodrigues

Seven concrete proposals for improvement

The importance of agribusiness for the Brazilian economy brings the need to implement techniques for managing processes and people that allow maintaining profitability and competitiveness, even in a scenario with a significant increase in production costs.

Agriculture can get the same benefits as the industry

In this context, the adoption of Lean philosophy can take to agriculture and livestock the same benefits experienced in other economic sectors, such as industry, known as Lean Manufacturing, and services, where Lean Office is applied.
Despite this potential, there are few publications related to this subject, when compared to articles related to the other previously mentioned applications. Another barrier found is the resistance of rural landowners to start a lean journey, as it is not known if some management models, such as the one proposed by the Agro + Lean® Management School, meet the needs of producers in different levels of managerial maturity, or if they are applicable in a more rustic environment, such as a farm.

The aim was to improve the model used

In this sense, this research aims to propose improvements to the dairy farm management model proposed by the Agro + Lean® School of Management, which is the benchmark in Brazil for implementation of lean philosophy in the agribusiness.
In order to achieve such objective, a case study was carried out on a farm where the model is implemented and information was collected on the courses offered by the School, in order to substantiate the proposals made by this work.
Through the analysis of data collected in interviews, documents, observations, workplace layout analysis and informal conversations, it was possible to cross evidences and among themselves and with theoretical references, in addition to applying Pearson’s correlation and analyzing the reliability of questionnaires by calculating their Cronbach’s Alpha.

Seven concrete proposals for improvement

This study allowed the author to make seven concrete proposals for improvement in the process of implementing the model and in the perception of the problems faced by the students of the School of Management Agro + Lean®, allowing better addressing of the contents taught.

What is the International Lean Farming Discussion Group?

We are a group of dairy farmers and agricultural consultants interested in Lean Management.

We meet online a few times a year where we hear a farmer or advisor tell and we exchange experiences and ask each other questions. It is free to attend online meetings.

Once a year we arrange a 2.5-day study trip to a country in Europe. Here we can train Lean Management in workshops on farms, visit companies and discuss with each other. You can read about the next trip here

The group is organized by Susanne Pejstrup, Lean Farming®, and Phil Cooper, The Farm Consultancy Group

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