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My name is

Susanne Pejstrup

I am the owner and manager of the consulting company Lean Farming® and offer lectures and workshops on Lean Management. I also do Lean implementation on farms.

I love the Lean mindset and the tools because I have seen so many times that they provide higher earnings, more overview, better animal welfare and happy engaged employees at all the farms and businesses that I have visited.

I work with colleagues in agricultural associations and private companies in a teamwork around the world.

About me

  • Started the company Lean Farming® in 2010
  • Master of Agricultural Science at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Master in Lean Production, Lean Akademy
  • Toyota Kata at Lean Akademy
  • Certified CowSignals® Master Trainer
  • Certified in E-stimate International Personal Profile Analyses
  • Education in coaching at Seges
  • Education in Project Management at Seges
  • Senior consultant in milk production for 20 years
  • My specialties are Lean production, employee management, management, coaching, project management and team building.


Lean Farming has partners all over the world. We work network-based in that we help each other, do tasks together and take initiatives together.

  • Phil Cooper, The Farm Consultancy Group, England
  • Breno Rodrigues, Flyde, Brazil
  • Sara Barber og Dan Bakker, Foundation Livestock Service, Minnesota
  • Stieneke Ijdema, Fruerlund Management, Danmark
  • Jeffrey Bewley, Alltech, USA
  • Torfinn Nærland, Tine, Norge
  • Danace, Denmark
  • Juan Quezada, Milch Source, Wisconsin
  • Ad van Velde, DairyNext, Holland
  • Danish Farmers Abroad, Denmark
  • Construction and Engineering, Herning, Denmark
  • Colleagues from Scandinavian farmers unions.

Privacy and data protection policy

Lean Farming® has a written policy for privacy and data protection.