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Juan Quezada teaches Swedish students in a milking parlour - Lean Farming and Danace

Train your staff in the barn with the help of an American specialist

We invite Juan Quezada to Denmark and other European countries on a regular basis. He trains and teaches dairy farmers and employees in the barn and the milking parlor. One of the skills that has been of great interest is the attachment of all four teat cups in one movement. In just a few hours, he can teach 10-12 people how to milk that way. It is faster and thus also more gentle on the shoulders and it gives a better flow in the work.

Juan Quezada teaches employees in the milking parlor on a Danish farm

Juan and MilkSource

Juan Quezada is the Director of Training and Development at MilkSource LLC. MilkSource is owned by 3 farmer families and has 34,000 dairy cows (8 farms), 22,000 heifers (1 farm) and 13,000 calves (1 farm) in 4 states of the United States. There are over 660 employees. Juan Quezada has been involved in the development of MilkSource from 600 cows 19 years ago to the size it has today. He passionately coaches and trains all MilkSource employees on business safety and management. His great practical experience is a great source of inspiration for everyone.

How to recruit 660 dedicated employees?

It is not easy to attract labor to agriculture. It is not in the US either, but MilkSource succeeds; not least because of the effort Juan Quezada makes and the systematic approach they have to attract and retain employees. The basic value is respect for people and animals. It is very inspiring to hear about both the method and the culture behind it.

You can read more about Juan in an article from American Dairymen Magazine: Team Culture: Discussions with a Master-Mentor

Meeting with Juan Quezada in Denmark arrange by Lean Farming and Danace

Next meeting in your discussion group?

Juan Quezada can also inspire you with how to manage a large crew with employees of several nationalities. He can show you how to work safely with the animals in the barn and move animals alone with his body language. He is an interesting personality and you can have his visit in the barn or at your discussion group meeting.

Here’s how we do it

We invite Juan Quezada to Europe on a regular basis for one week at a time. Then we organize farm visits with training of employees, presentations about leadership, sparring with managers etc., so if you are interested, let us know so you are on the list. We have been to Denmark several times as well as Sweden and Germany.

The events will be made in a collaboration between Juan Quezada, MilkSource, Christien Bas, Danace and Susanne Pejstrup, Lean Farming. You can contact Susanne Pejstrup on phone 3026 1500 for more information.