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The interest in Lean in agriculture is huge worldwide. Therefore, it makes good sense to work with others across countries and continents. Are you a consultant and want to train your clients and their employees in Lean Management? Would you also like to be part of our worldwide network Lean Farming® Business Parties? As we work together on projects, it is also necessary that you either completed the Lean Farming® Master Trainer or otherwise have knowledge of and experience with Lean in agriculture.

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Become a Lean Farming® Master Trainer

Lean Farming offers a certified course Lean Farming® Master Trainer , which gives you as a consultant the skills to implement the Lean approach to Agriculture and to use the tools on agriculture.

The course consists of four days and the first two days are Lean theory teaching and how, Lean can be implemented in agriculture – both milk production, pig production and crop production. It could also be administration on larger farms. The courses are designed for 1-3 people at a time, so there is good opportunity to adapt to the industries in which the participants work.

Then we have two days of farm visits to do workshops and get practical training in using the tools. It also gives a lot to hear about the experiences farmers have with Lean.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate to prove that they have completed the course. This certificate guarantees that participants have gained knowledge and understanding of Lean Management in agriculture. The course does not end with an exam.

The number of participants is between 1-3 per. course. It costs per participant € 2200 at min. two participants ex. hotel and travel.

Lean Farming® Business Partner

Become a Lean Farming® Business Partner

Lean Farming® Business Partner is in process. It will become a worldwide network of advisers and others working with Lean in agriculture.

I get mails from people all over the world who want to know more about how we work with Lean in agriculture. Breno Rodrigues from Brazil was one of them. He attended a Lean Farming® course in Denmark at a time when he was employed by the Embraer in Brazil, where he worked with Lean. Now he has formed his own consultancy firm Flyde Consulting, where he works with Lean in agriculture.

There is a huge potential in implementing the Lean mindset in agriculture of all kinds. Better profits can be created for the owners, more satisfied employees, but also reduced on the food waste that starts already in production and in stores around the world.

The business model is that we help each other with tasks. For example, we need to cover several different languages and several continents. Breno Rodrigues, for example, helps me with a job with a soy producer in Brazil.

Lean farming train and educate for certifiation as Lean Farming Master Trainer

How to be a Lean Farming® Business Partner

You can also become part of our worldwide network Lean Farming® Business Partners . As we work together on projects it is also necessary that you either completed Lean Farming® Master Trainer or otherwise have knowledge and experience with Lean in agriculture.

If you would like to join, please contact me. Then we can talk about what opportunities we have for collaboration. It can be joint initiatives in your country, concrete projects or you may have new ideas?

If you are interested in hearing more, please contact me at either +45 3026 1500 or sp @ leanfarming .eu

Lean Farming® Business Partners

Simon Steiner is Lean Farming Certified Trainer
Simon Steiner

Simon Steiner
Ekspert in strategic innovation, teacher, Future Developer

Future Farm Design – Solutions for a future fit agriculture

Tel: +49 176 84844788

Simon Steiner, Germany

Simon is a consultant and lecturer for innovation and organizational development at various universities in Germany and France.
He is an expert in innovation methods, New Skills, New Leadership and approaches to business transformation. For more than 10 years, he has helped organizations become ready for the future. He teaches leaders and provides tools, approaches and the mindset for agile organizations. He has accompanied and trained startups, SMEs, multinational companies as well as universities, NGOs, agricultural companies and public administrations in complex transformation processes.

Since he was a child, Simon always paid special attention to agriculture. As entrepreneur, he runs an online-business for agricultural accessories and grew up between three agricultural extremes around his family: A tiny, yet profitable 40 acres farm (grandfather/uncle), a large, highly efficient, and super-specialized 3000-acre agribusiness (uncle/cousin), and a most various 250 acres organic pioneer farm where he grew up (mentor/family friend).

The individual struggles of each and the tension between these disparate extremes combined with his in-depth knowledge of innovation, entrepreneurship and designing the methods of the future have led him to pool his experience into a program he calls Future Farm Design.
In this program he works with farmers to prepare their farms for the future, to develop new business models and to remain agile in times of great uncertainty (VUCA). Simon inspires by thinking outside the box and uses effective and practical methods for everyday life.

In 2020, Simon received the “Lean Farming® Master Trainer” certificate from Lean Farming® in Denmark.

Jeffrey Bewley is a Lean Farming® Master Trainer
Dr. Jeffrey Bewley

Jeffrey Bewley, PhD, PAS

Dairy Housing and Analytics Specialist

Holstein Association USA  | 

Tel: +1 270 401 8822


Jeffrey Bewley, USA

Dr. Jeffrey Bewley is from Rineyville, Kentucky where he grew up working on his grandfather’s dairy farm. He received a B.S. in Animal Sciences (dairy option) from the University of Kentucky in 1998. In 2000, he completed his M.S. in Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the direction of Dr. Roger Palmer with a focus on dairy modernization. His Ph.D. work under Dr. Mike Schutz at Purdue University focused on the application and economics of Precision Dairy Farming technologies. For 9.5 years, Jeffrey was on the faculty at the University of Kentucky as an Extension Dairy Specialist. He has also worked with IceRobotics, PerforMix Nutrition, and BoviSync. Dr. Bewley is currently Dairy Housing and Analytics Specialist with Alltech.

Jeffrey’s professional interest include Precision Dairy Technology, Dairy Records Management, and Analytics, Compost Bedded Pack Barn Management and Construction, Freestall Barn Construction, Management, and Modernization, Mastitis Management and Prevention, Economic Decision Support, Animal Health Economics, and Dairy Farm Financial Analysis.

Jeffrey Bewley received the American Dairy Science Association Foundation Scholar Award in Production and American Dairy Science Association Cargill Animal Nutrition Young Scientist Awards in 2015. He was named to the Vance Publishing 40 Under 40 for Agriculture Award in 2014. He secured over 7.5 million dollars in funding during his research career. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed publications, 110 meeting abstracts, and 50 industry magazine publications. He has delivered over 100 invited presentations around the world primarily on precision dairy technologies, compost bedded pack barns, and mastitis management. He is an active member of the American Dairy Science Association and the National Mastitis Council. Dr. Bewley is also a certified CowSignals trainer, a MEX udder health coach, and a Lean Farming® trainer. Jeffrey Bewley is a partner in the CowFocused Housing consulting company. Jeffrey pursues his passion for dairy cattle genetics trough breeding and marketing as a lead partner in IceBlue Genetics, BlueCow Genetics, and JBP Genetics.

Stieneke Ijdema from Fruerlund Farm Management
Stieneke Ijdema

Stieneke Ijdema

Dairy producer and Lean consultant

Fruerlund Farm Management

Tel: +45 5329 8221


Stieneke Ijdema, Denmark

My name is Stieneke Ijdema and I live at Fruerlund near Kjellerup, where together with my husband I have a milk production with 600 cows, which are milked with 9 milking robots. On our farm we look at CowSignals® and think Lean.

I am an educated teacher, but have worked in our farm for the past 25 years. In addition to my work on the farm, I have been a member of the board of Young Farmers and Rabobank. I have been employed as a board member of NoorderlandMelk, a supplier association that sells milk from their supplier. Here I was responsible for milk quality, certification and supplier contact.

In 2020, I founded Fruerlund Farm Management, where I train and teach farmers in CowSignals® and Lean. I work with dairy herds where I, together with the employees, look at the signals the cows show and make improvements using Lean. Work planning, structure and management are often part of it. It is a coaching process for farmers and their employees.

  • Lean Manager + transformation Black Belt certificering (færdig sept. 2020)
  • Certificeret Cow Signal Master Trainer, 2018
  • People Signals, 2018
  • Young Stock Signals, 2019
  • Feeding signals, 2020
  • Stress Free Stockmanship, 2020
  • From dry to fresh, 2020
  • Hoof signals, 2020
Breno Rodrigues, Brazil is the Lean Farming Business Partner
Breno Rodrigues

Breno Silva Rodrigues

Industrial Engineer and Production Management Specialist

Flyde Consulting – Lean Farming Solutions

Tel: +55 12 98177 9090


Breno Rodrigues, Brazil

Breno Rodrigues is a Brazilian Industrial Engineer and Production Management Specialist. He has a wide experience in leading Lean Manufacturing and Lean Office projects in global organizations for 8 years, acting in industries such as automotive, metallurgical, oil & gas and aerospace.

Since 2018, Breno has focused in his efforts and knowledge in Lean Farming projects, due to its high implementation potential in Brazilian agribusiness. Besides former experiences in the United States and Argentina, had the opportunity to meet some Lean dairy farms in Denmark.

Breno is currently taking Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, whose thesis is related to Lean dairy farms. Simply fascinated for people management and efficiency!

Do you want to know more?

You can always call or write to me at

Tel: +45 30261500