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We have made some simple books that you can use as handbooks. Using Lean is not that difficult, so just get started with what best suits the challenge

Lean in Agriculture - create mor Value with Less Work on the Farm

Lean in Agriculture

Create More Value with Less Work on the Farm

The book is in English and has examples from all types of farming.

It can be purchased on the publisher’s website and on several other websites such as Amazon. It is available both as an e-book and in a hardback.

Continuous improvements in agriculture

The book tells how the Lean mindset can be used in agriculture. The book shows with lots of examples how Lean, which is developed for industrial production, can also produce fantastic results on agriculture.

On all farms, there are work processes that consist of process steps. There is work to be done with quality – and there are employees to be motivated. So agriculture is not that different from other industries and Lean can produce great results on all types of farming.

We, Susanne Pejstrup and Vibeke Fladkjaer Nielsen, are experts in Lean in agriculture and we talk about the Lean method in a clear, easy to read style that can be used by farmers all over the world. We have written cases from several types of agriculture – crop production, pig production, milk production, mink etc. We show how respect for people, continuous improvement and visual management can improve agricultural performance. The book is richly illustrated and appeals to both agricultural leaders, agricultural workers, veterinarians, consultants and others in the agro-industry.

Ricardo Ferreira de Mascarenhas

RM Consulting, Portugal

I read your book on vacation. It is undoubtedly a book that in addition to being an implementation manual is a quick reference guide. Good tool. I liked the organization; the examples and it is very well written in a clear language. Congratulations.

Lean i Landbruget - Susanne Pejstrup og Vibeke Nielsen

Lean in Dairy Farming

The book is in Danish and has cases from milk production. However, we have been told that it is also good for other industries – for example, artisans have enjoyed reading it.

It was written by Susanne Pejstrup and Vibeke Fladkjaer Nielsenn.

The book can be purchased from bookstores and online stores such as Saxo and Gucci. It can also be borrowed from the library in Denmark

Continuous improvements in milk production

We talk about what Lean is and how you can use it for farming. There are a lot of pictures and case-storys, so it’s easy to relate to everyday life in a farm. You can use the book as a “do-it-yourself” book.

We have what we call the “people approach” to Lean. That is, we do a lot of how you can involve your employees, get them motivated to contribute. We describe a lot of ways to do it with good stories from practical farming.

Cattle housing design

Danish Recommendations

Susanne Pejstrup is one of the experts who contributed to the book with the Danish recommendations for the cattle housing designs.




There is a Danish updated version available on SEGES website, which can be downloaded as a PDF. Take a look here: Indretning af stalde til kvæg, 2018 You need a login to Landbrugsinfo.

Animal welfare is the basis for good production

It has been a pleasure to work with the book, because all the time we have assumed that the conditions for the animals should be perfectly in order while working conditions in the barn, environmental conditions and finances should be in place. If you need to build, then “Cattle Housing Design – Danish Recommendations” is a good place to start.

The “book” is divided into individual chapters, which can be downloaded below (You need a login to Landbrugsinfo in order to do so):

Source: SEGES / Landbrugsinfo

Cattle Housing Design

Danish recommendations

The book is available in a 2012 English language edition.

It can be purchased as a printed version by contacting Vibeke Fladkjær Nielsen, Seges

It can be downloaded here: Cattle Housing Design, 2012

Lean Farming logistics with walking lanes between buildings
The plant is planned with good logistics, where the cows themselves can move between the sections of the buildings

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