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Inspiration for farmers

I teach, give lectures and do workshops to train and inspire how Lean can provide improvements in agriculture.

Lean in agriculture

I coach the coach. That is, I teach agricultural managers and employees how to implement Lean at the company.

Get more time, more structure and motivated employees

Yes, that’s actually what Lean can do. We eliminate waste in production, we create a solid structure for all tasks and we involve employees so that they become engaged and motivated.

I can highly recommend it!

I had the great pleasure of getting intensive four days one to one training from Susanne. Having the chance to get such a deep insight into her profound experience in the fields of Lean and Agriculture was truly an eye opening and unique learning experience. The set up of this training program had exactly the level of „leanness“ one can expect: Every minute was well spent and of high value!

I left the training with my head full of new insights, thoughts, and inspiration and can highly recommend it!

Simon Steiner Lecturer and Consultant for Strategic Innovation, Berlin

Lean is my passion

My name is Susanne Pejstrup. I have worked in agriculture as a teacher and advisor throughout my career. Efficient and well-run agriculture is what I find exciting. I have helped develop Lean Management for agriculture in Denmark and now also around the world. It has produced some amazing results on agriculture that have less waste and created more value with less resources. I’m so proud of that.

Lean Farming® provides more efficient farming

I teach and talk about how farming can be more efficient and competitive. I give lectures and workshops in both large and small assemblies and give inspiration to farmers. Networking groups are a great way to learn, so I facilitate more groups on Lean and leadership. I have received the most amazing stories of how people went home after a workshop and changed things at home with great effect. It really warms right into the heart.

Susanne Pejstrup, Lean Farming® present about more efficiency in farming

This is how I do Lean training on a farm

I also do implementation on individual farms in several countries. I am often asked how I approach it. Some Lean consultants implement a fixed system, but I always start with the challenge the farmer is facing right now. My first question is always: “What is your biggest challenge right now?”. We cannot introduce Lean and create a new culture with a finger snap, so it is important to address where the “pain” is greatest. When I know the biggest challenge, we make a plan for what to achieve and how. We also agree on what we want to measure – for measurements are needed to know how the results are moving. A Lean course can thus be very different from farm to farm.

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