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We call it a “nerd group” because we are nerds in the professional field that lies between forestry and agriculture. The forest growers have the long term, berry growers and Christmas tree producers have the medium and crop producers look more at the individual season. This means that the discussions will be really exciting because the participants have different angles on things.

Foresters and crop producers have their professional networks in their respective fields, but we discuss what lies between. What can the two disciplines learn from each other? We look at the long term, the fertility of the soil, the creation of the living soil, the pressure damage and much more. We go into depth with things and let ourselves be inspired by each other.

The Lean Farming group Forest-Agriculture investigates the soil layers for activity with microbes and worms. Is the earth alive? This field has been run without plowing for many years, so there is plenty of life.

We would like to have more people in the group

The group is currently 8 people, but we may be a few more. You are therefore welcome to join the group.

The group’s members are forest growers, berry growers and crop producers, who are in charge of daily operations. It is landowners, consultants and agricultural teachers who are interested in optimizing the operation of the land – both in the short term and long term.

The group is run in a collaboration between Lean Farming® and Patriotisk Selskabiety.

We hold two annual meetings.

  • The winter meeting in January takes place on a forestry or crop farm with a tour in the production, presentation and discussion on a theoretical topic.
  • The summer meeting takes place during the growing season with focus on the practical and with coffee in the barn. We will hold the meetings in the afternoon from 13.00 – 16.00.

Very interesting topics

We have had many wildly interesting topics on the program. Below you can see what we have covered:

  • Nutrients and soil structure – Differences in fields and forest by Sector director Troels Toft, Seges and forest owner Ditlev Berner, Holstenshuus
  • Nutrients in the plants – Synergy or antagonisms by Professor Søren Husted and berry producer Mads Møller Andersen
  • Root development, nutrients and water by Scientist Kristian Thorup-Kristensen and field visits to the research station
  • Soil structure after several years of no-till production by plant specialist Bente Andersen and crop producer Rasmus Bønlykke
  • Cover crops by Christoph Felgentreu, DSV, Germany
  • Follow-up regarding cover crops by product manager Betty Schmith and field visits Ditlev Berner and Steen Jessen
  • Mycorrhizae – Which are relevant to field use, berry crops, Christmas trees and forestry? by researcher Sabina Ravnskov, Flakkebjerg
  • Modern crop production with conservation of life in the soil by operating manager Henrik Terp, Sanderumgård and Knud Dencker Jensen, BioHerb
  • The movements of water in the landscape and in the soil by Ph.D. Associate Professor Bo Vangsø Iversen, AAU
  • The long-term fertilizer research and carbon storage by Leader Henning Carlo Thomsen and Professor Tolstrup Christensen as well as field visits to Åskov Research Station
  • The living soil and carbon build-up by plant specialist Bente Andersen
  • No-till production, soil compaction and biological soil solution by senior scientist Lars Juhl Munkholm, AAU and field visit to Flakkebjerg
  • RISE analysis – for greater sustainability in the agricultural business by Consultant Anke Stubsgaard and visit to farmer Kresten Bjerre.
  • Agroforestry with visit to organic milk producer Mads Helms and participation of consultant Mette Kronborg from the Økologisk Landsforening

Registration and prize

To join the group you pay a basic amount of DKK 1500 per person. year. It covers organization, meeting planning, meeting management v. Susanne and professional sparring v. Karen. In addition, all participants share the cost of the attendant, meeting room and coffee. The expenses are shared between all participants in the group – even if you have to cancel. In return, we make an effort to find a date for everyone to attend.

You can find more information and sign up at:

Susanne Pejstrup, and 30261500

Karen Linddal Pedersen, and 40367318