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In a logistics analysis, I look at how the work routines work together with the location of the functions. For example, is it easy and rational to take care for the calves? Must the feed truck enter into more buildings than necessary. Do the animals need to be moved around a lot? I also look at how flexible the system is in terms of changes and extensions.

Lean Farming Logistic - It is important to transfer animals in only one direction

It’s all about optimizing

A logistics analysis aims to optimize the production plant so that you become more efficient in daily work.

  • Flexibility – Is the plant flexible in relation to new production methods and future expansion?
  • Design – Are the functions positioned right in relation to each other?
  • Workflows – Are they effective?
  • Management – Is Best Practice Possible?
  • Infection protection – Can infection be avoided?

Logistics analysis at an existing plant

A logistics analysis of an existing plant starts with defining the long-term strategy. It is important to see how the current plant will develop. I ask the questions: “How would you like it to look in 10 years? What production do you have in 10 years?

Then I go through the plant and ask a lot of questions about your working procedures. I need to get a good idea of how workflow and rhythms are. I use satellite photos, house drawings, pictures and your work plan.

I make a list of improvement suggestions in the short term and long term. That list may well contain 30 items. We then need to talk through the points. You must prioritize the improvement proposals in relation to what you think will make the most impact in relation to the effort.

Finally, we put together an action plan in a diagram where you set the time period for the individual actions and changes you have chosen. It must be possible to get things done and it is important that it is done in the right order.

Distance logistics analysis

As I work all over the world, it may be necessary to do the logistics analysis at a distance. Then it happens in the way that I use satellite photos, drawings, photos and possibly. video as well as of course online meetings. It can be done. I now have so much experience that I know what to ask.

Lean Farming logistics planning at a dairy cattle farm

The price of a logistics analysis

The time consumption is usually 10-20 hours incl. visit. It is by nature not the same for different plants, but once we have considered the case and planned what is to happen, I can give a fixed price for the task. That way you know the cost in advance.

Do you want to know more?

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